NEW YORK Nov 4-7, 2018



Week 1

2018 Graphics

Coatlicue (a mi madre)
by Abril Aranda

wood engraving, 60x80 cms, 2010

Art, Poetry and Humanism have always been my motors in life. In the act of "destroying" (carving), I seek the birth of something beautiful and new. That's my way of alchemizing my own human pain and pleasure.

mexico, Mexico


2018 Painting

The Mist
by Oak Chi Lee

Oil on canvas, 36 x 96 Inches, 2017

Water fascinates me. The constant shift of shapes, colors and contrast: they are irregular but become regular. As they relate to the human experience, there is a strong sense of nature communicating its impact on our individuality in my paintings.

Warren, NJ USA


2018 Photography

by Annette Schreiber

Print on brushed Aluminum, 30" x 45", 2018

Photography is the medium I can express myself best, although this is not the only art I am drawn to. I love to paint, get inspired by music, poetry and great architecture. Through reading I discovered the beauty and art of architecture.  
"The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand got me started in architectural photography. Old, new, elaborate or plain, tall or small; these constructions reflect people and their personalities. It is their artwork, their legacy. They express their personality and life in those buildings. I am using the architect's creativity combined with my own to express what is important to me with enough room for the viewer to find his own meaning and vision.

Chester Springs, PA USA


2018 Sculpture

by Brian Fass

mixed, 13"x19", 2018

Central Park is a park of my lifeline and has deeply effected me personally over the last eight years and evolved me from a photographer into an artist. I never thought being an artist would ever be a park of my world yet it came to me naturally without being forced. My artwork and photography comes from the musicians that perform in Central Park. Their energy and raw talent inspired me. They became a part of my life and a part of my art. The goal of my art is to capture the energy these musicians transpose to the onlookers and people just passing by. This life I put in various forms: traditional photography, abstract photography, and mixed media art. Someone once said about my work that they can hear the music. That is what my goal is.

Peekskill, NY USA