5Dear Readers,It is with great pleasure that we, my partner Emil Lansky and I, present our First Edition of the International Arts Festival Catalogue with a wide spectrum of distinguished artists from all over the world. Inspired by our 4 th International Arts Festival, where out of hundreds of submissions, The Jury has selected 20 artists for this catalogue. We have also included artists from previous International Arts Festivals, and selected artists who have shown at the MoRA Museum, as well as artists from private collections.Art is one of the most important things in life to lift our spirits and take us out of our daily concerns and problems, whether art is beautiful or challenges us to think in new ways. Art is a necessity. Sometimes when looking at art you do not have to understand analytically, because it registers with your consciousness in the realm of universal understanding. It is my passion for art that I am excited to share with you in the pages ahead. My wish is for you to share this beautiful book with your friends and families.All my best,Margo GrantEditorCo-Director International Arts FestivalDirector MoRA MuseumDiscover ARTWORLDBEAT.com, a vibrant, free and ad-free website dedicated to everything about art.There is something for everyone: artists, collectors, museums curators, commercial galleries and artists’ associations.If you are an artist you can easily create pages to showcase your art. There are free gallery pages where you can easily upload artworks, information, and setup events. You can also participate in website events like competitions and special exhibitions. You can communicate with your collectors, get discovered by new ones and securely sell your work.Collectors can learn about favorite artists, discover new ones, browse, buy art or create virtual collections.Curators can create exhibitions and blog about new trends in art.Museums and galleries can release news and information about upcoming events.Artists’ associations can create shows and online exhibitions and individual pages for member artists.There are many more features to explore on ARTWORLDBEAT.com
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