Open Call to apply and submit your works free of charge for consideration and selection to be included in the International Art Festival SELECTED ARTISTS Catalog 2017.

This catalog is intended as a marketing tool for featured artists, who will use it to attract patrons and press attention. We will promote and distribute the catalog at major art fairs, galleries and other important venues. We will also send the 2017 International Art Festival catalog to important collectors of contemporary art and journalists who cover art news and trends.

Artists invited to appear in the catalog have to meet the criteria set by the jury. If approved and decide to participate you can pay the fee via PayPal or credit card.
The early-bird fees before March 1, 2017  are set at $350 for a single page and $600 for two pages. Ask us about special pricing for more pages.

On March 1, 2017 the fees are set at $400 for a single page and $700 for two pages. 

The deadline for submission and payment is April 1, 2017.



40 artists from the catalog will be awarded a group show in Chelsea, the prime New York City location for the arts. 

Our main purpose is to provide these artists with an opportunity to present their work to the New York and International art-buying public. 

Our sale exhibitions are well-attended and covered by local and international media outlets.

During the past four years, International Art Festival, Inc. has sponsored annual competitions and sales exhibitions of work by leading figures among establishing and emerging contemporary artists.
It generated a warm response and great excitement among trend-setting members of the New York community who support and patronize contemporary artists.

We invite you to view video footage of one of our recent exhibitions, which is available at

We want to work with you on facilitating your access to the art market, and on enhancing your profile with the public and among your peers.


The participation fee is fully refundable in the event your work is not selected to appear in the Catalog for any reason or the Catalog is not printed.
Copyright of the submitted artwork belongs to the participating artist.
All entrants give the International Art Festival the right to use or publish images of their work to promote the International Art Festival art exhibits and the gallery. All accepted entries will be placed on International Art Festival's website or blog.
All entrants give the International Art Festival the right to publish photographs and videos taken of their exhibited artwork and their own during the Festival for purposes related to promotion of the International Art Festival, past or future.
All entries must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other party. The entrants must be the sole owner of copyright in all photographs and/or videos entered and must have obtained written permission of any people featured in the entries. 
The artist does hereby agree that their submission it will not violate any copyright or right of others. The artist shall  defend,  indemnify  and  hold  harmless  the   International Art Festival Inc. against  any  liability,  including  costs  and  expenses,  for  infringement   of   any patent,   trademark,   or   copyright   arising   out of  their material of their submission or  use  by the  International Art Festival Inc. of  materials  furnished. The artist does hereby discharge, release and hold harmless, International Art Festival Inc., its associates and all co-sponsors from any and all manner of action, suits, damages, or claims whatsoever arising from any loss or damages or claims, including to the person or property of the artist while in possession or under the supervision of the sponsors during the International Art Festival, and hereby consents to enforcement of all rules of this event.