2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Martine Gaudissart

San Antonio TX USA
-Abstraction through Storytelling: Through my art, I seek to immerse myself back into the visual elements that I fell in love with while reading French Bandes Dessinées (i.e., graphic novel or “drawn strips”) as a child. I start all my pieces by drawing on a piece of paper, lots of time is it just the stray page of a notebook or an old envelope, whatever I can get my hands on, when inspiration strikes me. When I draw I let the lines flow out freely from within, it feels like I am telling a story. Each stroke calls for the next so I feel guided as I go along and I always create the next line or curve with a sense of purpose and certainty. Every new stroke adds a new bit of information to the story. I am an abstract storyteller. I want to let the viewer interpret the story for themselves and find their own meaning based on their own perception. At some point I know that I am done. The story has ended and I just wrote the last sentence. I then move on the next phase of production which is to digitize the drawing and start working with colors. I have a fascination for the flat saturated colors inside of a black outline. The choice of colors will vary with my mood and disposition. I do see a calligraphic correlation between my drawings and the science of graphology. In the sense that one’s handwriting reveals their true character traits, my personality traits are to be deciphered by the strokes of my artwork. It is vital to expose the integrity of the line. For me the integrity of the line is all those seemingly imperfections of the line, caused for example, by the marker’s ink bleeding on the paper or by the irregular supply of ink delivered by the ballpoint pen, or again the uneven amount of pressure revealed while using a pencil. To celebrate these imperfections, I usually start with a small size drawing and choose a large format print as final output. -Establishing a Connection: Just like most visual artists, my art allows me to express myself without the constraints of spoken or written words. Form and colors are the language, and everyone on the planet has access to this purest type of communication. Through my art I let people know who I am and how I feel, and just by looking at it, the viewer has a responsive reaction whether I am physically present to hear the response or not, the viewer can still experience a connection to me and a deep sense that we belong. To understand my art the way I intended you to, let it be the start of a conversation or a debate, or just a silent exchange between old friends.
© Martine Gaudissart | Grey Flock - Detail 4502
2014 Graphics | Grey Flock - Detail
Print on Metal, n/a, 2011
© Martine Gaudissart | Grey Flock - Close Up 4501
2014 Graphics | Grey Flock - Close Up
Print on Metal, n/a, 2011
© Martine Gaudissart | Grey Flock 4500
2014 Graphics | Grey Flock
Print on Metal, 26"x20", 2011
USD $3,720