Artist Official Entries

Sasha Levin

Livingston NJ USA
In my current work I’m in search of balance of form and color that create a visual harmony, while invoking thoughts and emotions. ​ During my forming years I was lucky to have been exposed to the world of art. I used to spend endless hours observing and absorbing works of great masters of classical, impressionists and modern art. From as far I can remember reading, painting and sculpturing was my main past time. Then life happened: moving from county to country, years of military service, college, building career and raising a family. Today, after a very long pause, I’m returning to art.
© Sasha Levin | Day One - Let there be Light 10092
2019 Graphics | Day One - Let There Be Light
Acrylic on Canvas, 30"x48", 2019
USD $3,900
© Sasha Levin | Morning Light 10093
2019 Graphics | Morning Light
Acrylic on Canvas, 30"x48", 2019
USD $3,900