2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

JoAnne Lobotsky

Bronx NY USA
JoAnne Lobotsky makes use of elements from bridges, car design and roadways through an additive and subtractive painting technique that creates layered “maps,” which can be read across the uppermost surface or down through the painting’s layers, often seen through the wiped off parts of each layer for the pathways. These layers represent the co-mingling of the past and the present in our individual and collective experience. The subtractive wiped areas and the transparent areas, which simultaneously reveal and conceal previous layers, expose the past. The solid and transparent areas and lines which block previous layers and assert the most recent activity are the present. This is the way we live our lives - with past experiences enriching the present and the present experiences interpreting the past through different contexts.
© JoAnne Lobotsky | Diptych 1 5273
2014 Painting | Diptych 1
oil on canvas, 12"X25.5", 2012
USD $625
© JoAnne Lobotsky | Lost in Fez 5275
2014 Painting | Lost In Fez
oil on canvas, 16"X24", 2013
USD $750
© JoAnne Lobotsky | Yellow Stripes 5276
2014 Painting | Yellow Stripes
oil on canvas, 24"X25", 2013
USD $1,200