2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Joseph Dolinsky

Brooklyn NY USA
My work explores the idea of intangible and abstract space. I started this body of work with a series of paintings with abstract backgrounds or environments, and then placed figures inside. Often the figures are interacting with or moving throughout this space. This abstract space represents the different wavelengths of frequencies that exist all around us, such as light, sound, radio and brainwaves, or even an ethereal movement. The paintings evolved into sculpture. I stripped away the representational aspect of the work and focused on the abstract. The sculptures of abstract brushstrokes added another dimension, taking the painting off of the canvas. They are a conversation about the similarities of sound and light, and how we utilize and experience both. My figurative sculptures communicate the inner aspects of this space, and its effect on us. The different techniques used to apply color show the variety of moods and emotions that can be conjured. They depict vibrations that we gravitate towards or project in our lives
© Joseph Dolinsky |
2013 Sculpture | Muse
Plaster dyes and pigments, 15 x 14 x 9.5 in, 2012
USD $2,000
© Joseph Dolinsky | Joanna Abstracting  3277
2013 Sculpture | Joanna Abstracting
Plaster dyes steel rods and wood, 16 x 16 x 16 in, 2012
USD $2,400
© Joseph Dolinsky | G Major 3278
2013 Sculpture | G Major
Plaster dyes and pigments , 26 x 15 x 8 in, 2012
USD $1,600