2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Lilya Pavlovic-Dear

New York NY USA
I was inspired by tales and mythology in which reality is mixed with dream. I was exposed to many different cultures making me open to understanding, accepting and respecting those who are different. By doing that my life became richer and it reflected in my work. 56 solo shows and 200 group exhibitions in Paris, New York, Washington, London, Los Angeles, Brussels and Hamburg. Principal Exhibitions and collections: Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles ; Museum of Modern Art, Madrid ; Dix Ans d’Acquisitions, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris ; Minerve Museum, Yzeures ; Musée Juif, Musée Historique, Musée d’Arts décoratifs, Belgrade ; Musée Neue Galerie, Graz ; National Museum of Kraljevo, Kraljevo ; UNESCO Museum, Beyrouth ; Musée National de Kragujevac, Kragujevac ; Bibliothèque Marciana, Venise ; British Library, Londres ; New York Public Library, American Museum of Natural History, New York ; Art Bank, Washington D.C. ; American Embassies Permanent Collection; Office of the Chief Financial Officer Economic Development, Washington D.C. ; Fondation Paul Ricard, Ile de Bendor (France); Council of Europe (Strasbourg) Awards and Distinctions: -Chevalier Artistique, Accademia Internacionale Greci Marino, Italie, 1998 -Silver Medal, Arts Category, Mérite et Dévouement Français 1988 -European Arts Prize, Léopold Senghor, 2007 -Grand European Prize Botticelli 2008, for her art book Marco Polo on the Silk Road Listed in le Dictionnaire d’Art Bénézit, la Cotation d’Art Drouot, Dictionnaire d’Art Akoun.
© Lilya Pavlovic-Dear | Continents and Travelers 3359
2013 Photography | Continents And Travelers
Photography, 18" x 12", 2012
USD $400
© Lilya Pavlovic-Dear | Lost Archipelago 3358
2013 Photography | Lost Archipelago
Photography, 11¾" x 15¾", 2013
USD $400
© Lilya Pavlovic-Dear | Three Friends 3360
2013 Photography | Three Friends
Photography, 16" x 12", 2012
USD $400