Artist Official Entries

Cedric Baker

Dale City VA USA
My schooling began at Sacramento City College where my main interest of study was painting, drawing and printmaking. Three years later I would transfer to NYC to study at Pratt Institute to complete my studies in Fine Arts.I realize the influences of the Bay area Expressionist and the northern California painters have remained an influence; as well as my ten years as an employee at the National Gallery of Art here in Washington, DC where I became absorbed in day to day operations of one of the worlds premier art collections and museum operations; In doing my work I concentrate on the skin or surface of a painting thru layers and mediums of colors and textures. I look to the internal emotion and meditative spirituality rather than the noise of external reality of the object or the figure, I will continue to balance my work between a form of abstraction and realism, in Art there can be no limits I use the history of painting and art to help me tell the stories that are sometimes autobiographical. I see myself as a Contemporary Painter who bares all from within to my art, coming together as a narrative that makes social realities , a sort of documentation of my Life ; View website at www.cedricbakerstudio.com
© Cedric Baker | The Color Line 8646
2018 Painting | The Color Line
acrylic on canvas, 18in. x 26in., 2016
USD $2,800
© Cedric Baker | 2. Pink 8647
2018 Painting | 2. Pink
acrylic on canvas, diptych -2 10in. x 12in. , 2016
USD $1,500
© Cedric Baker | 3. Maiden Voyage 8648
2018 Painting | 3. Maiden Voyage
acrylic on canvas, 30in. x 40in., 2017
USD $9,500