Artist Official Entries

Anael Berkovitz

brooklyn NY USA
In my artistic practice I Explore personal and collective memory through the use of storytelling and interpretation. Focusing on how identity is shaped by stories,I recounts stories of both individuals and nature, memories of my family members and memories from my childhood. Telling the stories in my videos transform a private experience into a public one. Most of my works are in the video medium, Growing up during the First Gulf War, a traumatic event, makes it possible to remember many things from early age. I recall it being the only time when my entire family congregated together in the same space. Throughout the war, we spent days and often weeks huddled together in the basement or another safe space, and I remember the sense of collective anxiety shared by all of us as we rushed to the shelter when the bomb alarms went off, signaling that a missile was headed towards us. However, what was most memorable to me was the television. Watching the news was a big part of my wartime experience. Television was almost all we had, and it made a huge impact on my generation’s nostalgic memories of the past.
© Anael Berkovitz | Maybe That's What It Means  9442
2018 Mixed Media | Maybe That's What It Means
Video Installation, Variable , 2017