Artist Official Entries

Alex Aliume

Brooklyn NY USA
As a Mystic - Visionary Artist, my goal is to "awaken" the consciousness of the creator within each of us through psychedelic art and transfer pure energy from the Transpersonal, Primary source. My works are a mirror of mystical, sacral, transpersonal experiences and holotropic states of consciousness which were achieved in the process of studying various mystical, psychedelic, meditative, transcendental practices. Thus, the beholder is capable of clinging to the "eneogy of the creator" and to original source and will plunge into it. Through my works which are filled with a psychedelic spirit, the human consciousness is able to be transferred to the reality of tonic, metaphysical worlds through which it is able to receive healing, inspiration and recharging of all energy channels. Transmission of energy occurs through neon artworks from the darkness. In 90% of cases I use a special, neon and phosphorescent paint that glows under a black light or in total darkness. From pictures to various 3D objects experimenting in different mediums, I focus on the expression of the idea of ​​higher consciousness that is embedded in each of us. When you look at the pictures that "burn" in the darkness - you are able to experience the experiences of the "awakening" of the higher consciousness. I know that art is able to heal the soul and is capable of transmitting the energy of the cosmic, the sacred in our physical world. At the moment, I focus on creating large visionary, neon works and 3D installations that will completely absorb the viewer's attention and transfer it to other dimensions. My art is the link of the transformation of human consciousness in our time - the time of the psychedelic consciousness revolution and the way out for the levels of the matrix to achieve the highest achiving, mystical experiences and awareness of the true cosmic nature of humanity.
© Alex Aliume | Astral Journey 9008
2018 Painting | Astral Journey
Fluorescent Acrylics on canvas, 30x40 Inches, 2018
USD $2,000