2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Anthony Heinz May

Brooklyn NY USA
Through a process I call pixelating nature, I reconstruct fragments of natural tree forms to expose a blurring of line between the real and the artificial. These abstract rearrangements exemplify three-dimensional transformation of organization found in the two-dimensional grid of digital imagery. Although these objects are reminiscent of games and play, they are also puzzles of natural forms in space.
© Anthony Heinz May | Game of Stick 3234
2013 Sculpture | Game Of Stick
Wood, Paint, 40"x20"x4", 2011
USD $4,300
© Anthony Heinz May | Impasse 3235
2013 Sculpture | Impasse
Wood, Paint, 10.5"x11"x3", 2011
USD $5,800
© Anthony Heinz May | Ogteskram 3236
2013 Sculpture | Ogteskram
Ebonized and bleached wood pieces, 11"x11"x3", 2012
USD $2,500