2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Danielle Dishy

Springfield NJ USA
Fox symmetry and I hate gray!! I don’t want the sky to be realistic and a fruit bowl is better upside down. The colors have their force. My works are ultra-colorful uneven and shout this is a Danielle Dishy work. My work is a direct expression of my five senses channeled through clay canvas, computer, and fabrics. I have a constant dialogue with the elements that inspire me and they can be anything. I vision art as organic with rarely any planning or symmetry. A war of colors, my works tend to be very colorful and happy even if the subject isn’t. The colors characterize cheerful naïve sense that appears as a part of me. My titles would sometimes create a story on their own like “So it says”, “A never coming true dream”,” A chocolate chip fairy tale”, and “If grass were tall”. A hike in a park could give birth to a series of ceramic works that that describe my experience climbing hills or mushroom hunting, and unleashing my dog. The ceramics would be bulky colorful and of course a metaphor to what I see never one on one. My aim is to continuously be able to take things out of my head and communicate what I see. I hope to keep on creating and supporting myself from my creations. This is my understanding of a meaningful life!
© Danielle Dishy | Fafalz 4922
2014 Graphics | Fafalz
Digital Print, 27x29, 2014
USD $1,000
© Danielle Dishy | Untitled 4923
2014 Graphics | Untitled
Digital Print, 36x36, 2014
USD $550