2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Yelena Lamm

Pittsburgh PA USA
I believe that beauty will save the world. Even if not, it certainly makes it a better place. Whether painting figurative or still life composition, my goal is to celebrate the beauty that surrounds us. I experiment with shapes and bright colors. I exaggerate colors to create contrast, and break down shapes to find rhythms that are almost musical in their nature. My works strive for harmony, punctuated by contrasting crescendos juxtaposed with softer notes. My subjects are traditional in their nature, but I prefer my realism with a little twist. I like mixing the soft curves of the human form with architecturally structured or geometric patterns, combining elements of cubism with organic shapes. In my portraits, I like conveying the person's story through the use of background details. In my recent works, I experiment freely with geometry of form, breaking down and reassembling objects into fractured shapes separated by crisscrossing lines of color. Painting still life or portraits, I'm flexible with exaggeration and take liberties with color, using bright hues with more gusto. I create compositions using cascading drapes and botanical subjects. Sometimes, I work with more pastel tones, but the end goal is still the same: a pleasing combination of light and color, geometric shape and organic form, and an honest expression of beauty.
© Yelena Lamm | Poetry 7743
2017 Painting | Poetry
Oil on Canvas, 20"x40", 2014
USD $3,400
© Yelena Lamm | Russian Tea 7744
2017 Painting | Russian Tea
Oil on Canvas, 24"x24", 2014
USD $2,900
© Yelena Lamm | Still Life with Venus 7745
2017 Painting | Still Life With Venus
Oil on Canvas, 20"x40", 2014
USD $3,200
© Yelena Lamm | Venetian Lace 7746
2017 Painting | Venetian Lace
Oil on Canvas, 18"x36", 2013
USD $3,200
© Yelena Lamm | Pearl 7841
2017 Painting | Pearl
Oil on Canvas, 24"x30", 2016
USD $4,200