2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Joan Iron Moccasin

Circle Pines MN USA
I am interested in combining groups of objects with printed images. My new work grew out of sculptures in which I explored the connection between my Lakota husband and myself as our relationship evolved. I was working to understand the differences between us, between our childhoods, and the rituals we were brought up with. This work blends family and personal photographs with vintage Native prints in a collage and photo-manipulation process. This new photomontage series embodies the assumptions we make about others based on stereotypes. It explores myths and media stereotypes of Indigenous culture and American culture, memories, and the ability to be wrong.
© Joan Iron Moccasin | Chief Iron Moccasin 3267
2013 Mixed Media | Chief Iron Moccasin
Photomontage, 16"x12", 2013
USD $265
© Joan Iron Moccasin | Sisters 3268
2013 Mixed Media | Sisters
Photomontage, 16"x16", 2013
USD $265
© Joan Iron Moccasin | Fence 3269
2013 Mixed Media | Fence
Photomontage, 16"x16", 2013
USD $265