2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Emmanuel Frangeul

Brunswick GA USA
Emmanuel Frangeul, aka 'Blew', is a french synesthetic artist of 38. He started at the age of 10 making up his own stickers in Nantes,FR… studying letters, numbers and fonts then geometry… an early obsession that leads him in his own creative abstraction process. At 14 he saw an exhibition of Wassily Kandinsky and had a shock seeing Kandinsky's 'white backgrounds, primary colors and geometric shapes'… Since 2 years (he's as well a musician/composer and write lyrics and free poetry), he's really involved in a unique kind of abstraction using a digital camera. Blew studies and applies his very personal way the theory of relationship between 'the Dot, the Line and the Plane'. As a traveler too is realized the USA were his favourite place to work out his synesthetic 'blewart' and enlarge his vision (see his blog). Notice: 1 photograph gives 1 image. He doesn't like to sit behind a computer to transform or compose his photographs. Blew never does post-production, these are straight snapshots! His work of art is based on the intense dialog between photography, painting and graphics. About ' Blew's White Nights ' : " He is a night time photographer who travels the town like a hunter in search of his prey. In his case radiant sources of light which he transforms into coloured calligraphic artworks. These light inks 'dance' during his 'white nights' shifting, waving and frantically turning revealing subtle differences of light and shade. The colour, the motion, and the depths of these blends of white are not only a result of his artistic sense and vision but emerge from the light itself as it decomposes and recomposes from the tube. The result is a disconcertingly heady mixture, a pure art form. His photography is a painting of captured light revealing an invisible nocturnal world. Blews white nights are peopled with choreography, traces of explosions, ballets and musical expressions of colour. They are haunted by spectres, bewitched by stars. They do not resemble any others.........." Text written by Solange Vardel and translated by Annelise Holohan.
© Emmanuel Frangeul |
2013 Photography | 11
Digital, 24 x 36, 2011
USD $1,100
© Emmanuel Frangeul |
2013 Photography | 12
Digital, 27" x 36", 2011
USD $1,100
© Emmanuel Frangeul | Steams Of Floors 3618
2013 Photography | Steams Of Floors
Digital, 27" x 36", 2011
USD $1,200
© Emmanuel Frangeul | Aspiration 3619
2013 Photography | Aspiration
Digital, 27" x 36", 2012
USD $1,200
© Emmanuel Frangeul | Untitled 3623
2013 Photography | Untitled
Digital, 10" x 21,7", 2012
USD $600
© Emmanuel Frangeul | Untitled (Vortex serie) 3624
2013 Photography | Untitled (Vortex Serie)
Digital, 27" x 36", 2013
USD $1,200