2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Tracy Watt

United Kingdom
Tracy Watt is an Internationally exhibited artist, gaining a Master of Arts Degree in Painting from the University of Hull. She has shown work in a number of both group and solo shows. Winning the prestigious International Chichester Open in 2005. Now residing in Wales, UK she continues to produce idiosyncratic works for exhibition. Her paintings retells narratives used by artists through the ages. Using self as subject matter she brings the female form into modernity. Taking the form of larger than life distorted images of the nude. These figures wrenched violently from the Classical image of those familiar in art history, whose routes lie in Botticelli's Venus. Overt politicisation of the feminine. At a time when both women and men are addressing analytically their own bodies and self image. There is a psychological twist to the usual feminised imagery depicting the female form, as Tracy Watt show strong charachters, or 'female worthies', who at times look out from the picture to question the gaze of the viewer. An alter ego is created. Enthused intellectually by the narratives of the Rennaisance era astute in their symbolism and allegorical content. Inspiration comes from Mythological, Biblical and Literary historicism. Such as Lucretia, Judith and Susanna. Following the trend of depicting thematic narratives but changing the emotive qualities of the subjectified imagery, the artist takes a normal woman, mostly of her own image, and creates a heroine.
© Tracy Watt | Tim 4903
2014 Painting | Tim
Acrylic on Canvas, 22 x 29 inches, 2013
USD $1,000
© Tracy Watt | Cupid 4904
2014 Painting | Cupid
Oil on Canvas, 35 x 35 inches, 2013
USD $5,000
© Tracy Watt | Untitled with Masks 5283
2014 Painting | Untitled With Masks
Acrylic on Canvas, 2014
USD $5,000