2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

clay clements

I paint because it transcends the mental prison of language in which reality is constrained by the ability to describe one’s experience. My paintings offer an open invitation, to all, to share and experience an unreality of metaphor and social inquiry; where one’s experience is infinitely personal, yet collectively shared. My hope is that my art will permanently affect the questioning nature of those willing to stop and consider the unreality of my shared experience. The intellectual concept of my work is the foundation on which I construct the unreality of my paintings, both analytically and intuitively. I don’t make many, if any, sketches of the overall composition; instead I compose directly on the canvas so as to experience the composition and canvas as one. To me the canvas isn’t simply a surface on which a rehearsed action is finalized; it is half of the link between the intangible mental scape and the realm of personal experience. As with any idea or concept rehearsal necessarily reduces one’s emotional and illogical reaction, and eventually corrupts its original intent. My decisions over the life of a piece transform from pure, raw, and illogically emotional at the birth of the concept, as a visual composition, into analytical, rational, and subjectively detached as it nears completion. I am currently working on three series of paintings; all of which are represented, in part, within the collection displayed in my senior exhibition. The series are connected by the central theme of societal and governmental corruption and erosion, and separated by the nature of their reality: one series is an enchanted exploration of society through the whimsical reality of infinite possibilities as experienced by a child; another surveys the corruption of government and religion through an emotional, yet wholly adult reality; the last examines the paradox of modern progress through a cold, analytical, and detached reality. The intent of these projects is simply to engender the ability to question societal, cultural, as well as one’s own personal realities. -Clay Clements
© clay clements | Three Kings and The Pervert 3047
2013 Painting | Three Kings And The Pervert
Oil on Canvas, 36"x48", 2012
USD $12,500
© clay clements | American Lust 3046
2013 Painting | American Lust
Oil on Canvas, 12"X24", 2012
USD $3,500
© clay clements | American Breakfast 3048
2013 Painting | American Breakfast
Oil on Canvas, 20"x20", 2012
USD $4,000
© clay clements | The Whimsy's Gone... There's No More Whimsy 3049
2013 Painting | The Whimsy's Gone... There's No More Whimsy
Oil on Canvas, 36"x80", 2013
USD $25,000