2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Kathryn Spata

Yonkers NY USA
My work is craft-intensive, applying heavily textured acrylic paint on canvas to achieve the effect of sculpting with color. A color matrix serves to counterpoint texture, which combines varieties of material: acrylic paint; gold, silver and copper leaf; iron oxide; mica flakes; and, pumice. All my work conveys a spatial complexity. Each piece is made by carefully applying palette knifes loaded with color and texture, finished with a smooth, reflective gloss. The exuberant impressions of vitality, vibrancy and movement conveyed by my art reflect an innately positive world view.
© Kathryn Spata | Winter Blues 4512
2014 Painting | Winter Blues
Acrylic, 48"x36", 2014
USD $1,500
© Kathryn Spata | Autumn Hues 4513
2014 Painting | Autumn Hues
Acrylic, 48"x36", 2014
USD $1,500
© Kathryn Spata | Rouge Magnifique 4514
2014 Painting | Rouge Magnifique
Acrylic, 36"x24", 2014
USD $650