2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Xinchen Xie

New York NY USA
All of my work relates to the experience of living inside. My work deals with interior and exterior spaces, as well as the memory of living in the space. Architectural structures play a vital role in my work. I use this concept as a way to understand my own experience of living indoors. I have spent most of my time inside since I was a child, and interiors became important to me. A room is not only a room, it is where we live, eat, work, study, sleep, etc. It is the setting of where our memory and intimacy takes place. During the research, I have found corners, to be one of the most essential elements in a house, possessing a rich diversity of psychological impacts. Staying in the corners contains a sense of rejection and restraint to life. The feeling of isolation when staying in the corner has a similar feeling to my experience of staying indoors. Light is another important object in my work. We cannot touch the light, yet it is always around, interacting with the space. Sometimes the light can be so strong that it almost occupies the space on its own. It casts shadows when it reaches physical objects, and creates geometrical and organic shapes. For me, when the light is on, real objects are even not important, however the shapes of light and shadow represent the space. My work is all about space and light. It is tied to the memory. It is an orientation towards what is in the memory without telling it objectively. In that way people can recall their own experiences and intimacies.
© Xinchen Xie | Living Room Afternoon  5651
2014 Painting | Living Room Afternoon
Oil on canvas, 14"x14", 2014
© Xinchen Xie | I Heard the Sun Spoke to Me 5652
2014 Painting | I Heard The Sun Spoke To Me
Oil on canvas, 13"x18.5", 2014
© Xinchen Xie | Silence 5653
2014 Painting | Silence
Metallic acrylic on canvas, 30" x 22", 2014
© Xinchen Xie | Spring 5654
2014 Painting | Spring
Oil on canvas, 30" x 36", 2014
© Xinchen Xie | Daydream Under Solitude 5820
2014 Mixed Media | Daydream Under Solitude
Thread, charcoal, and ink on paper, 5½" × 8½", 2014