2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

chie chang

perth Australia
Chie Chie is a fashion illustrator and textile designer based in Perth. Her illustrations have also been selected and published in DG Portfolio 8: A showcase of creativity and inspiration in 2009. Motivated and inspired by the fashion world, Chie Chie begins to apply her illustrations on textile. She is currently working on her textile collection for 2015, new illustrations for group exhibition in Paris and solo exhibition in New York 2017 while trying to complete her Masters in Communication Design with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. When she is not busy, she likes to 'wine' down her day with a bit of boogie :)
© chie chang | Cover models 4407
2014 Graphics | Cover Models
pencil, illustrator and photoshop, 297x420 mm, 2014
USD $395
© chie chang | cover  4408
2014 Graphics | Cover
pencil illustration, illustrator and pho, 297x420 mm, 2014
USD $395
© chie chang | lilly 4409
2014 Graphics | Lilly
pencil, illustratior and photoshop, 279x420 mm, 2014
USD $375