2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Selin Kaynak

Istanbul Turkey
I’ve always been interested in the concept, I call, “The Ego Mind”, which keeps you from choosing consciously. Most of my individual work is based on consciousness and on subconscious. In my work, I examine the existence of human consciousness and whether it will loose its essence with the introduction of, what I call, “the outer noise” such as artificial intelligence, gene editing and other life-changing technologies. In the mask series, while the masks symbolize the ego mind(the noise), the ropes show the powerful and undeniable attachment of the ego mind to human consciousness. Ego Mind is the first painting of the mask series. It introduces the “Ego Mind” concept and shows its power by the use of colors and materials. Ropes, which may seem random but is chosen because of its use as a powerful tool to tie up boats to the land. Golden Ego introduces consciousness into the picture. The painting states how our consciousness is tied up with out formed ego mind. The metal face placed on top of the mask symbolizes one’s consciousness. Sally's Bardo, explores life after death and the eternal soul. The term “bardo” refers to the intermediate state of existence after death and before a new life. Francesca Fremantle, who is a scholar of Sanskrit and Tibetan works of Hindu and Buddhist tantra, states that there are 6 traditional states of bardo; the one I’m examining, being the ‘Bardo of Dying’. The painting suggests that death shouldn’t be perceived as an end but a new beginning. Screaming Mind has a different story. One looks in the mirror and sees himself. He sees what he looks like physically. Then he sees the mask, all the outer noise that interferes with our consciousness, all the actions taken that were affected by the noise, the uncontrollable outside information. And as one looks through the eyes of the mask, he sees the consciousness that lies beneath the noise. Behind the mask is a painting that resembles Edvard Munch’s ‘Scream’ that represents the inner thoughts, feelings and emotions that discover the personal meaning. Seeing one’s physical self, the outer noise, and soul in the same space creates a new perspective in order to comprehend a living being. Anima Mundi is the most recent painting from the mask series. Anima Mundi means world soul, which is, “according to several systems of thought, an intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet, which relates to our world in much the same way as the soul is connected to the human body.”(Wikipedia, Anima mundi) I find this description extremely in place in terms of what the painting stands for. It suggests anima mundi to be the only vital force in the universe and that there is a connection among all living beings.
© Selin Kaynak | Ego Mind 7376
2017 Mixed Media | Ego Mind
acrylic paint, oil paint, paper mache, rope, 50x70cm, 2015
USD $1,500
© Selin Kaynak | Screaming Mind 7377
2017 Mixed Media | Screaming Mind
acrylic paint, oil paint, paper mache, mirrors, 40x60cm, 2016
USD $2,200