2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Sandra Schnellhaus

Sydney Australia
“Paperback” is a body of work which recreates sleaze paperback covers from the 1950’s and 1960’s as photographic stills. Photographs that lead to the illustrious worlds of sleaze, booze and misbehavior typical of under-the-counter smut novels of a counter culture generation. ‘I have taken my love of collaboration, making stuff, composition and recreated the elaborate tableaux's, salacious titles and the hysterical extremism of depicted gender roles from popular works of low literature’ I live to make images. I command the camera to make images that are a careful construction of premeditated imagery, visual vignettes filled with symbols, plots, props and visual puns, as well as real people and events captured to entertain.
© Sandra Schnellhaus | Blonde Baggage 3230
2013 Photography | Blonde Baggage
Digital, 2010
© Sandra Schnellhaus | Tomcat in Tights 3231
2013 Photography | Tomcat In Tights
Digital, 2011
© Sandra Schnellhaus | The Cheaters 3232
2013 Photography | The Cheaters
Digital, 2010