Artist Official Entries

Monika Kalra

Artist Statement The caterpillar thought that his world is over and then he transformed into a beautiful butterfly. The time to change from the old and the ordinary is now. The time of inner transformation. The inner which is real us, which feels, reacts, behaves and experiences. That inner is soul. A radiant point of light, that is the soul has forgotten his real nature and feels emptiness inside. The real nature of abundant virtues. i.e. love, peace, harmony, power, bliss, happiness and purity. Those virtues which were inherited from the creator, the God, who is the supreme soul, ocean of all virtues. Like every child who remembers and asks for help from his parents at the time of crisis, similarly soul is also longing for his father and remembering the purest love. Meditation, the process of making connection through the journey of thoughts and going beyond the corporeal world to angelic world and then the soul world to meet with supreme soul. He remembers the one to become like that one. In this series of artworks, I have tried to express the different experiences the soul goes through during spiritual journey, the process of inner transformation to then transform the world.
© Monika Kalra | kALPA TREE 8869
2018 Painting | Kalpa Tree
OIL ON CANVAS , 24*36, 2018
USD $1,000
© Monika Kalra | OCEAN OF VIRTUES 8870
2018 Painting | Ocean Of Virtues
OIL ON CANVAS, 24*36, 2018
USD $1,000
© Monika Kalra | POND OF VIRTUE 8862
2018 Painting | Pond Of Virtue
OIL ON CANVAS , 24*36, 2018
USD $1,000
© Monika Kalra | Angelic stage 8860
2018 Painting | Angelic Stage
oil on canvas, 24*36 inch, 2018
USD $1,000
© Monika Kalra | Harmonious dance 8861
2018 Painting | Harmonious Dance
oil on canvas, 24*36 INCH , 2018
USD $1,000