2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Ylenia Mino

New York NY USA
"My purpose as an artist is to give peace and joy to people through my paintings. I create fine oil on canvas paintings as a path to reach and touch the hearts and the lives of people. I love to bring together in my paintings the energy originated by the strong colors and the quietness of the resting cold colors. The colors in my artwork are strong and lively; they are an expression of my joie de vivre. My paintings are often very close to reality but sometimes they have a touch of impressionism."
© Ylenia Mino | Journey 4970
2014 Painting | Journey
Oil on Canvas, 18x24", 2012
USD $750
© Ylenia Mino | Trust 4971
2014 Painting | Trust
Oil on Canvas, 18x24", 2012
USD $700
© Ylenia Mino | Where I Meet You 4972
2014 Painting | Where I Meet You
Oil on Canvas, 10x8", 2014
USD $300