2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

gabriela estrada

Cuernavaca Mexico
Gabriela Estrada De Isolbi "Deisolbi" (Mexico City, Mexico 1980) She studied Digital Design production for print and Web at Corporate Communication Training College in Vancouver, Canada. She has attended various painting workshops in Canada and Mexico; the most recent ones made in the Morelense Center of the Arts (2014-2015) and now she is attending an art history bachelor degree. She is currently working as a visual artist with the support of the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights, an organization that seeks the dissemination and integral defense of human rights in Mexico. Her painting has been a journey of investigation and experimentation that has finished in the oil with the current of magical realism. Deisolbi tries to use art as a way of expressing social problems and sensitizing people threw her work. Among his most relevant work are the series "The Desires of Morelos 2013" and "The Shipwreck of the People 2016". She presented the series "Desires de Morelos" at the City Museum (Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico 2013) and his most recent project "The Shipwreck" Of the people "Cultural Center Belenes October 2016, collectively has exhibited at the Garden Museum Borda 2012, National Museum Alfredo Guati Red 2013 and Museum of the City 2013; Her work has been selected for The Biennial of Young Painting Ourense Spain 2014 and The International Group Show Caelum Gallery New York 2014. She received Honorific Mention at the Jardín Borda Museum.
© gabriela estrada | Naufragos 7399
2017 Painting | Naufragos
60cm, 90cm, 2016
USD $1,500
© gabriela estrada | Sin equipaje 7400
2017 Painting | Sin Equipaje
140cm, 150cm, 2016
USD $2,000
© gabriela estrada | Naufragio 7401
2017 Graphics | Naufragio
140cm, 150cm, 2016
USD $2,200