2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Natalia Lvova

Palo Alto CA USA
I believe that every house should have real paintings. Not prints from Ikea, but paintings, impregnated with the energy of the artist. I believe that there are an artist and a price for art for each person. I can not create for any acute social or political issues. Also, I do not create my art with religious, sexual, or humorous overtones. There is enough evil in the world - and on TV - and I bypass these topics. My art is about a loving family, strong friendship, and goodness. And even if it’s not topical in contemporary art, I will broadcast whatever is natural to me; what I’m filled in from inside. I believe that you don’t need to take drugs to be a good artist. Meditation is enough to work with your subconscious instead. I see the world like everyone else does. If I’m asked to imagine a chair, chair in my head will most likely be the same as that of thousands of people around; it won’t be vintage or on three legs. My mind is not extraordinary or super-creative. I am an ordinary person that is happy because she can do art. I want to prove that to be a real artist you do not need to be a genius. You need to be hardworking, patient and develop yourself continuously. Industriousness is also a genius. I believe that artists should be friends and support each other, and not compete. My TwiddleArt technique is a way to organize brushstrokes on the canvas. My line flows from one object to another. My colors are clean; I don’t mix. All these components are designed to harmonize the space on the canvas. I want a beholder to draw energy from color and idea and be in harmony and filled with grace at the same time.
© Natalia Lvova | Modesty 7776
2017 Painting | Modesty
oil on canvas, 47x35 in, 2016
USD $1,500
© Natalia Lvova | Loyalty 7777
2017 Painting | Loyalty
oil on canvas, 47x35 in, 2015
USD $1,500
© Natalia Lvova | Clumsy Bear 7778
2017 Painting | Clumsy Bear
oil on canvas, 43x43 in, 2014
USD $1,000
© Natalia Lvova | Marc Chagall
2017 Painting | Marc Chagall Birthday
Oil on canvas, 48x48 inch, 2017
USD $3,000
© Natalia Lvova | Cheburashka 7779
2017 Painting | Cheburashka
oil on canvas, 43x43 in, 2014
© Natalia Lvova | Matryoshka 7780
2017 Painting | Matryoshka
oil on canvas, 43x43 in, 2014
© Natalia Lvova | Gagarin 7781
2017 Painting | Gagarin
oil on canvas, 43x43 in, 2014
© Natalia Lvova | Samovar 7782
2017 Painting | Samovar
oil on canvas, 43x43 in, 2014
© Natalia Lvova | Putin 7783
2017 Painting | Putin
oil on canvas, 43x43 in, 2014
USD $1,000
© Natalia Lvova | Pushkin 7784
2017 Painting | Pushkin
oil on canvas, 43x43 in, 2014
© Natalia Lvova | The Village 7785
2017 Painting | The Village
oil on canvas, 43x43 in, 2014