Artist Official Entries

LeRoi Johnson

Buffalo NY USA
LeRoi Johnson produces highly personal canvases grounded in ethnic and historical tradition. Creating his own two-dimensional dream world, he explores cubism, surrealism with Afro, Caribbean, and South American flavor. With a natural talent for color, LeRoi respects the past and manages to keep a subtle yet direct balance. Knowledge and experience take him straight to the center of an idea. Electric Primitive is considered a retrospective of his work showcasing recent work and selections from the past 40 years. Born in Buffalo, New York, LeRoi C. Johnson was raised a catholic in an eastside project in Buffalo, New York and later became a prominent Buffalo attorney. He is a Canisius College graduate, attended the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Design and is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center. LeRoi is a remarkable painter. He is almost completely self-taught. His early bright colorful work is implicitly autobiographical in theme. Among his influences are his training in commercial art and his sophisticated African Art Collection of thirty years. He successfully fuses geometric abstraction with both his personal experiences and African themes. Lately his style has altered; it has become less geometric and more representational of his human experience, especially as an African American. He is now less personal and more antidotal
© LeRoi Johnson | All Dressed Up and Now Where to Go 8375
2018 Painting | All Dressed Up And Now Where To Go
Oil and acrylic on canvas, 40x30 inches, 2017
USD $4,500
© LeRoi Johnson | NO MA Lisa 8376
2018 Painting | No Ma Lisa
Oil and acrylic on canvas, 30x24 inches, 2018
USD $4,000
© LeRoi Johnson | Colored People Flamingos 8377
2018 Painting | Colored People Flamingos
Oil and acrylic on canvas, 30x24 inches, 2018
USD $2,000
© LeRoi Johnson | Colored People 8414
2018 Painting | Colored People