2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Wendy Cohen

Sydney Australia
Mixed media artist residing in Sydney, Australia. I have exhibited in New York, Florence, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris and Toronto. My works are an imaginative reflection of a positive and joyous way of being, which I believe is the natural state of human beings. My paintings are thickly textured, multi-layered and I used a variety of interesting mix media. Im inspired by the landscape, travels and primitive art.
© Wendy  Cohen | HONEY AND THE JARS 3365
2013 Mixed Media | Honey And The Jars
MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS, 36 x 36 inc, 2012
USD $2,100
© Wendy  Cohen | GARDEN OF SERENDIPITY 3366
2013 Mixed Media | Garden Of Serendipity
MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS, 40 x 40 ins, 2012
USD $2,500
© Wendy  Cohen | MOVERS AND SHAKERS 3367
2013 Mixed Media | Movers And Shakers
MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS, 30 x40 inches, 2012
USD $2,150