2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Anne Kantor Kellett

New York NY USA
As the daughter of Holocaust survivors, the underlying themes of duality, vulnerability and surviving recur in Anne Kantor Kellett’s art. The Rwandan genocide also impacted her art and moved her to lead missions to Rwanda, to help women survivors. Anne’s current work, entitled “Surviving Surviving”, is concerned with the burden of all survivors, bearing unbearable memories and at times transcending them. “Surviving Surviving” is an ongoing project, seeking to open dialogues among viewers. Included in the collection are bronze and hydrocal sculptures, oil paintings, large-scale b/w pastel drawings, and b/w photos. Anne attended the High School of Music and Art, is a graduate of Fordham University and the National Academy School of Fine Arts, and also studied at the Art Students League and the International Center for Photography. Recently, Anne was the recipient of a Newington Cropsey Foundation Fellowship for Sculpture under the direction of Greg Wyatt. Currently, she works in her studios in Long Island City, NY and Wilmington, VT. Her work has been shown in numerous galleries across the country and is in many private collections.
© Anne  Kantor Kellett | Rock-a-My Soul 3897
2013 Sculpture | Rock-A-My Soul
Hydrocal, Slate Patina, 12"w x 22"h x 14"d, 2011
USD $5,000
© Anne  Kantor Kellett | Gloibn (Believe) 3899
2013 Sculpture | Gloibn (Believe)
Hydrocal, Pewter Patina, 10"w x 22"h x 14"d, 2012
USD $6,000
© Anne  Kantor Kellett | Yizkor 3883
2013 Sculpture | Yizkor
Hydrocal, Pewter Patina, 7"w x 18"h x 8"d, 2011
USD $4,000
© Anne  Kantor Kellett | Till Death Do Us Part 3884
2013 Sculpture | Till Death Do Us Part
Bronze, 10"w x 14"h, 2011
USD $4,800
© Anne  Kantor Kellett | Schreien (Cry Out) 3888
2013 Sculpture | Schreien (Cry Out)
Hydrocal, Bronze Patina, 8"w x 18"h x 12"d, 2011
USD $4,500
© Anne  Kantor Kellett | Ponem (Faces 3896
2013 Sculpture | Ponem (Faces
Bar Reliefs, Resin, 6"w x 7"h each, 2012
USD $3,600
© Anne  Kantor Kellett | Mine Eyes 3895
2013 Photography | Mine Eyes
Silver Gelatin, 16" x 19", 2007
USD $500
© Anne  Kantor Kellett | Childless Mother 3894
2013 Sculpture | Childless Mother
Hydrocal, Bronze Patina, 8"w x 16"h x 10"d, 2011
USD $3,600