2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Aneta Wegrzyn

New york NY USA
I am compelled to pursue the transience nature of the self, to glimpse the dynamic and to wrestle with the instability that is at the heart of all subjectivity. Working with micro-flows and little happenings in daily life that the mind normally stabilizes and flushes away, I activate the small, marginal, in-between moments of non-self. Currently I am exploring these questions by focusing on the impossibility of capturing the relationally unstable event of cigarette smoke. This is done by painting dynamic smoke events that do not belong to a specific place, have no context, or origin, and that could have been caused by anybody. Because of the glossy resin surfaces, the paintings are inseparable from their environment. When viewers look at the work they see themselves folded into the paintings through their reflected image. The work, the viewer, and specific space are part of the same whole; meaning only emerges in the web of communication among these three elements. Painting, with its long complex history of representation, is critical to this question. In order to find a way to represent the transient, I study various techniques, and continue to search for new tools and mediums. This process of painting often involves repetition and dozens of layers, and becomes a ritual or meditation upon the event of our experience of a fluid self sensing itself in the time of the process of representing the event.
© Aneta Wegrzyn | 30 days of reflection#1 5623
2014 Painting | 30 Days Of Reflection#1
oil, ink and resin on wooden panels, 39 x 25 inches, 2013
USD $1,500
© Aneta Wegrzyn | 30 days of reflection#2 5626
2014 Painting | 30 Days Of Reflection#2
oil, ink and resin on wooden panels, 39 x 25 inches, 2013
USD $1,500
© Aneta Wegrzyn | configurable smoke paintings 5625
2014 Painting | Configurable Smoke Paintings
oil paint and resin on wooden magnetic panels, 80 x 105 inches, 2013
USD $4,000