Artist Official Entries

Brian Fass

Peekskill NY USA
Central Park is a park of my lifeline and has deeply effected me personally over the last eight years and evolved me from a photographer into an artist. I never thought being an artist would ever be a park of my world yet it came to me naturally without being forced. My artwork and photography comes from the musicians that perform in Central Park. Their energy and raw talent inspired me. They became a part of my life and a part of my art. The goal of my art is to capture the energy these musicians transpose to the onlookers and people just passing by. This life I put in various forms: traditional photography, abstract photography, and mixed media art. Someone once said about my work that they can hear the music. That is what my goal is.
© Brian Fass | Ariasta 8382
2018 Mixed Media | Ariasta
Mixed, 8.5"x11", 2018
© Brian Fass | selfish aria 8383
2018 Mixed Media | Selfish Aria
mixed media, 12"x12", 2018
© Brian Fass | Untitled 8384
2018 Mixed Media | Untitled
mixed, 13"x19", 2018
© Brian Fass | Untitled 8385
2018 Mixed Media | Untitled
mixed, 12"x12", 2018