Artist Official Entries

Lidia Chepovetsky

Staten Island NY USA
My passion is still life. When we eat fruits or vegetables, we don't even think about their beauty and the secret life they live. I want to give that world to someone else… Not too many people really see a charm of simple blueberry or gooseberry or strawberry – really – they are so small – we don't have time – and to see takes time… So I said to myself – I’ll paint what I see – what the life of 'still life' means to me. I enjoy playing to set them up and bring them to life.
© Lidia Chepovetsky | Berries pride parade 8402
2018 Painting | Berries Pride Parade
Oil on canvas, 6"x6", 2016
USD $350
© Lidia Chepovetsky | Am I pretty?! 8403
2018 Painting | Am I Pretty?!
Oil on canvas, 10"x10", 2016
USD $850
© Lidia Chepovetsky | In the same boat 8404
2018 Painting | In The Same Boat
Oil on canves, 8"x10", 2016
USD $750
© Lidia Chepovetsky | Who are you?! 8405
2018 Painting | Who Are You?!
oil on gesso board, 6"x6", 2016
USD $350