2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Deepak Das

Lexington MA USA
As an artist, and in life in general, I am perennially intrigued by the creative process. The transformation from a blank canvas to a final image or a blank piece of paper to sublime poetry never ceases to amaze me. I often find this transformation in my own artwork a fascinating interaction, sometimes almost a duel, of mental boundaries I am trying to challenge with what I am visually rendering with my art. Increasingly I let the process lead me in form, color and effect. My submissions include 2 water-colors where I have used ordinary droppers in lieu of brushes to let the droplets of color and their meanderings on the paper to drive my creativity. These color droplets fortunately continue to move, evolve and thrill me, long after I am done with the piece. For this, I feel blessed. My fervent desire for my audience is that they experience some of the joy of the process that I so enjoyed myself.
© Deepak Das | Tales from Urban India - I 4374
2014 Painting | Tales From Urban India - I
Oil on Canvas, 24"x18", 2014
USD $500
© Deepak Das | Gandhi 4375
2014 Painting | Gandhi
Water Color on Handmade paper, 18"x12", 2014
USD $300
© Deepak Das | Nude - I 4376
2014 Painting | Nude - I
Water Color on Handmade paper, 18"x12", 2014
USD $300