2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Ezgi Yuksel

Ezgi Yüksel born in 1985 in Adana, in 2009 graduated from the Department of Fine Arts Education Faculty of Education Ç.Ü. Cukurova University, Department of Fine Arts, Master of Education continues her education. A lot of artists took part in group exhibitions in three award bulunmaktadır.Son Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair took place in 2012. Work, photographs, and medical documents transferring the images on canvas Yuksel, diagnosis or diagnosis based on these images away, creates new faces. 'Child Syndromes' series, with pictures of the children's disease, a diagnosis of facial deformities or anomalies, medical language / syndrome is the name to be removed. These faces every day, which is within us, a place we encountered in the past, we know someone is reminiscent of the one in front of your face or eyes. Yüksel, colors and components integrated in the work atmosphere in their own portraits, interiors and animal figures will encounter.
© Ezgi Yuksel | Mustafa 4829
2014 Painting | Mustafa
Oil and acrylic on paper, 57x49 cm, 2013
© Ezgi Yuksel | Helianthuses 4828
2014 Painting | Helianthuses
Oil and acrylic on paper, 57x49 cm, 2014
© Ezgi Yuksel | Felix 4830
2014 Painting | Felix
Oil and acrylic on paper, 57x49 cm, 2013