Artist Official Entries

chiara lombardi

Torino Italy
Where my personal desire of taking pictures came into the world, I’m still not able to identify, but photography is an attitude ingrained in me probably since I was five. My father gave me a disposable Kodak camera, purchased in a newsstand during our summer holiday in Amalfi. Nowadays, I jealously keep those photos; they are the shots of the places visited, of my family, and some small architectures in Ghirri style—all of them seen from the perspective of a child. I’m still now amazed at the sight of them and I wonder how I could take such astonishing pictures. Now I'm a 23 years old girl with a visceral desire to spread my idea of ​​intimacy, welcome and love. What I care to express through my shots is me, or my way of seeing and thinking. I like to say that my photographs are self-portraits, even when the subject is not really me. I love to investigate myself, and use photography as a means to get to know myself. This does not mean that I perceive my art in a self-centered way, but I often find myself having to discover a point in common between me and my subject, because empathy is very important in the world of photography. If you can represent yourself as well as the subject you are shooting in a single photograph, then you’re won.
© chiara lombardi | I'm the earth ad you're the sun 9265
2018 Photography | I'm The Earth Ad You're The Sun
digital, 30x30, 2016
EUR $200
© chiara lombardi | Sintesi 9263
2018 Photography | Sintesi
digital, 50x50, 2016
EUR $150
© chiara lombardi | LOVE IS 9264
2018 Photography | Love Is
digital, 50x50, 2017
EUR $150