2015 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Miguel Vallinas

Hong Kong Hong Kong
Commercial and Industrial Photographer Miguel Prieto Vallinas Studied at Valladolid Institute Gregorio Fernández, Diego Marín Aguilera in Burgos Institute, and the School of Training and Technical Image EFTI Madrid, Spain. He is in His Professional Work Dedicated to Television, Industrial and Advertising Photography. It is in this sphere where he labors with large format cameras and lighting on big scenes and stages, gaining him versatile experience for his personal work. Photography is his medium of choice and his photographs always have a message, with strong individual styling and sensitivity to space. Miguel uses personal issues that arouse interest beyond mere contemplation, and intends to seek the reflection of this in his image making. He never takes his camera with him -. preferring to observe what's around him in detail and recreate the photograph himself, reflecting on his observations His work is a search for beauty understood through his eyes He is passionate and loves painting and this sensitivity shows in his photography.. His subject matter includes nature, cityscape, contemporary architecture, and portraiture. Miguel uses locations that are often in close vicinity and people he knows for his portraiture. Spending a lot of time on postproduction of each image, this adds another rich layer of character and personality to his work, setting it apart from catering to the purely commercial aspect of photography. Miguel's collection "Second Skins" is making his name well known worldwide. "Second Skins" is presented as a continuation of an earlier collection entitled "Skins". These two series of works with various links in common, are both composed of several portraits of people within which he aims to investigate the internal aspects of mankind With "Skins", his attention was on the same person playing different trades or professions -. exploring his idea of ​​people and their identity at a certain time of their life, with the intent to reflect on the choice of the individual. With "Second Skins" Miguel focuses on different aspects to try to understand the inner reality of a man. It is a different investigation of animal and human behaviour, exploring the intersection where human and animal characteristics and personality meet. With each image, this series seek to isolate the character, ignoring any context and references to bring out the individual personality in the combination of head and body. "Second Skins" is more than a response to the first series, it powerfully plays with words suggesting individual options, possibilities, and ultimately individual choice.
© Miguel Vallinas | Retrato Numero 55 6474
2015 Photography | Retrato Numero 55
Photography, 27.5x40inches, 2014
USD $2,600
© Miguel Vallinas | Retrato Numero 10 6475
2015 Photography | Retrato Numero 10
Photography, 27.5x40inch, 2014
USD $2,600
© Miguel Vallinas | Print Media Numero 3 6476
2015 Photography | Print Media Numero 3
Photgraphy, 27.5x40inches, 2014
USD $4,300
© Miguel Vallinas | Retrato Numero 29 6477
2015 Photography | Retrato Numero 29
Photography, 27.5x40inches, 2014
USD $2,600
© Miguel Vallinas | Retrato Numero 23 6478
2015 Photography | Retrato Numero 23
Photography, 27.5x40inches, 2014
USD $2,600
© Miguel Vallinas | Retrato Numero 9 6526
2015 Graphics | Retrato Numero 9
Photography , 27x40", 2014
USD $2,600