2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Tom Mosser

Pittsburgh PA USA
A 2005 medical report by the United Nations claims that 3 percent of the world's population is ambidextrous. Artist Tom Mosser is in that special group. The idea of using both hands for drawing and painting was inspired by playing basketball as a child.  He calls it "Ambidextrous Impressionism".  In some situations he paints with both hands at the same time for greater efficiency or to create a look that he can’t quite achieve using just one.  "It's like being two people.", he says.   At this time Mosser is focused on his "At the Museum" series.   Mosser says, "I am incredibly inspired by the Museum theme.  While at the MOMA in 2010 I was struck by the juxtaposition of a rather conservative woman standing mesmerized in front a huge and pretty violent abstract painting. The idea was in place."  Mosser explains, "Placing a figure in front of one of my abstract pieces is a way to draw the viewer in and it's a way to draw me in for that matter.  The designs Mosser has in mind have the potential for both humor and controversy.  The signature piece for the Museum series is "A Golden Retriever at the Museum".  The dog depicted in the scene admiring a giant painting of a tennis ball is based on his Golden Retriever named Lucas. The piece has become a viral sensation. A 100 limited edition printing run ($395 per) sold in 5 weeks in May 2013. The painting's facebook page has nearly 900 "likers" as of this date. Mosser's best known work may be his sports related art.  His agent for sports related work is Tracie Speca of Sports and the Arts (www.sportart.net).  Speca curated Yankee Stadium, Prudential Center Arena (New Jersey), Amway Center (Orlando), Miami Marlins Stadium, and currently is working on the San Francisco 49'ers' new Stadium.  Mosser contributed 36 pieces to Prudential Arena, home of the New Jersey Devils.  One of his most striking pieces at the Newark New Jersey arena is a 30ft. by 200ft. mural called "The Mural". Through SATA he also created 50 pieces for the Orlando Magic's Amway Center Arena.  He next assignment will be to contribute 6 to 8 large "Loop LIne" PIeces for the San Francisco 49'ers new stadium in Santa Clara. The Penn State grad is also responsible for a mural in downtown Pittsburgh that has become an iconic image of the city.  Created in 2005, “The Two Andy’s” mural was a collaboration with Sarah Zeffiro (sarahzeffiro.com) and pays tribute to Pittsburgh native sons, artist Andy Warhol and industrialist Andrew Carnegie.  A photo of the mural graces the cover of “Pittsburgh A New Portrait” by Franklin Toker which was published in 2009.  Mosser says, "I would love to hear what these two utterly different men would say to each other.  Art would be their one common ground.  Art is common ground." Tom resides at the Spinning Plate Artist Lofts in Pittsburgh.
© Tom Mosser | A Golden Retriever at the Museum 3772
2013 Painting | A Golden Retriever At The Museum
Oil on canvas, 24in. x 36", 2013
USD $20,000
© Tom Mosser | What is she thinking?  A Woman at the Museum 3773
2013 Painting | What Is She Thinking? A Woman At The Museum
Oil on canvas, 24in. x 36in., 2013
USD $5,000
© Tom Mosser | Mesmorized. A Woman at the Museum 3774
2013 Painting | Mesmorized. A Woman At The Museum
Oil on canvas, 36in. x 48in., 2013
USD $5,000