2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Junko ONeill

Winchester United Kingdom
he Japanese time/space concept called Ma is the central theme running through the works of Junko O’Neill. Ma is a concept that is unique to Japanese culture and can be seen in various aspects of Japanese culture, such as literature, architecture and the visual arts including painting and filmmaking. It is an aesthetic sense of distance, created by detachment in time and space. It is neither time alone nor space alone. It is a mixed concept of both. With Ma, space is perceived in terms of time-flow. In Japanese culture the concept considers space as fundamentally void: only space itself is deemed to be eternal and everything that fills the space is of a transient nature. Unlike the Western view of empty space as lacking everything and having a negative value, Japanese see it as having a positive meaning. While the West perceive space compositionally with their logical and rational way of thinking, Japanese perceive atmosphere in relation to time, which defines the space. With her paintings, Junko leads the viewer to sense the space, which stands calm and yet strangely with time flowing at the same time. She paints the atmosphere in a way that emphasizes the transient nature of time where the space holds, with space and time perceived alongside each other.
© Junko ONeill | Being 3823
2013 Painting | Being
Mixed media on calico on board, 99cm x 34cm, 2010
USD $1,600
© Junko ONeill | Eflorescence 3824
2013 Painting | Eflorescence
Mixed media on panel, 100cm x 60cm, 2013
USD $2,100
© Junko ONeill | Conflate 3825
2013 Painting | Conflate
Mixed media on panel, 100cm x 60cm, 2013
USD $2,100