2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Valerie Short

San Antonio TX USA
I draw on either paper, or silk with stitching on top of that. My work has a kinetic quality with flowing images that resemble natural shapes such as clouds, waves, tree bark or sand patterns. My love for puzzles and complex drawings transcends into the forms I create. With marker, gel pen, ballpoint, I transform these natural shapes into a complex work of either black/white or color, patterns and movement.
© Valerie Short | Exactly What I'm Thinking 4665
2014 Graphics | Exactly What I'm Thinking
Ballpoint, 40 x 28, 2010
USD $1,200
© Valerie Short | Liquefied Fantasies 4669
2014 Graphics | Liquefied Fantasies
Marker/ink/thread on silk, Each pane 180" x 45", 2010
USD $2,800
© Valerie Short | Free 4668
2014 Graphics | Free
Brush and Ink, 45" x 20", 2010
USD $2,500