2017 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Ekaterina Abramova

Jersey City NJ USA
In my art, I am searching for Man. And my mission is to dig that Man out and bring Him forth in each of us. My goal is to be channeling information from subtle spheres to the material worlds by using color, symbols, and images on canvas. My art helps people fine-tune their inner tuning fork, connect to their unique frequency. I am a tightrope walker balancing between the worlds, my brushes and palette in my hands, and connecting them like a bridge joining continents.
© Ekaterina Abramova |  ETERNAL CREATIONThe pillar of power and penetration and primordial male force is surrounded by soft 7520
2017 Painting | Eternal Creationthe Pillar Of Power And Penetration And Primordial Male Force Is Surrounded By Soft
Acrylic, gold leaf, and markers on canv, 39x32" (100x81cm), 2016
USD $6,000
© Ekaterina Abramova | EXPANSION OF THE MIND.Fractals of civilizations and worlds. The state of ultimate expansion, when we 7521
2017 Graphics | Expansion Of The Mind.Fractals Of Civilizations And Worlds. The State Of Ultimate Expansion, When We
acrylic on canvas, 37x31” (95x80 cm), 2016
USD $6,000
© Ekaterina Abramova | Music. Sign — symbol, line — feelings, feelings — music. Music of the night, light, quietness, 7522
2017 Graphics | Music. Sign — Symbol, Line — Feelings, Feelings — Music. Music Of The Night, Light, Quietness,
acrylic and markers on canvas, 24x20” (61x51 cm), 2017
USD $2,500
© Ekaterina Abramova | MASTER THEOREM. One. Oneness. “An equation has no meaning for me unless it represents a thought of 7523
2017 Painting | Master Theorem. One. Oneness. “An Equation Has No Meaning For Me Unless It Represents A Thought Of
acrylic on canvas, 35x31” (90x80 cm), , 2016
USD $6,000
© Ekaterina Abramova | GOLDEN FISH OF ONENESS. Man and woman as one. Shiva and Shakti create and support the balance of the 7524
2017 Painting | Golden Fish Of Oneness. Man And Woman As One. Shiva And Shakti Create And Support The Balance Of The
Acrylic and markers on canvas, 37x36” (96x91 cm), 2016
USD $6,000
© Ekaterina Abramova | THE ARK OF LIFE JOURNEY. A golden boat, ark, shallop. In the ocean of life, love, and light there sa 7525
2017 Painting | The Ark Of Life Journey. A Golden Boat, Ark, Shallop. In The Ocean Of Life, Love, And Light There Sa
Acrylic, gold leaf, and markers on canva, 38x36" (96x91 cm, 2016
USD $6,000
© Ekaterina Abramova | TWO SIDES OF THE COIN 7526
2017 Painting | Two Sides Of The Coin
Acrylic, gold leaf, and markers on canva, 48x24" (122x61cm) , 2017
USD $6,000
© Ekaterina Abramova | WHATEVER.  6-panel piece that could be reinterpreted again and again by changing the order of panels 7527
2017 Painting | Whatever. 6-Panel Piece That Could Be Reinterpreted Again And Again By Changing The Order Of Panels
Acrylic and markers on canvas, 60x48" (152x122 cm) , 2016
USD $15,000
© Ekaterina Abramova | Untitled 7612
2017 Painting | Untitled
acrylic on canvas, 35x31” (90x80 cm), 2016
USD $6,000