Artist Official Entries

Sara Madandar

New Orleans LA USA
My work is often about the relationship of humans to their bodies and covers (like clothes and hair), and like that relationship, it changes and evolves every day. I use the work to tell stories of my life, about joy and pain, oppression and resistance, finding a common thread within those to connect myself to other life stories. Being born in Iran, and moving to the United States, the tension of living in between cultures has been an ever evolving inspiration for these themes. In my artwork, I often use the dimensions of my body as a proportion for telling these stories. Much of my previous work has served as a critique of the enforced veiling of women that I grew up with in Iran – many times through different expressions of the nude female body and its tension with clothing. In that way, so much of my work has been about clothing and the female body as sites of resistance. Through nuanced details of visual culture, I examine how power structures can be read in the choices, habits, and tastes of individuals. Women’s faces and bodies are my primary subject, and I work with clothing, hair, patterns, and veils to extend and explore the expected boundaries of self-presentation. By selectively hiding and revealing parts of the face and body, I examine how culture shapes the ways we dress, talk, hold ourselves, highlighting the subtleties of self-expression and self-policing between cultures. When starting a new collection of works, I always delve deeply into research – both visual/aesthetic and cultural/historical. A new collection becomes like a family member, and I live with it for one or two years, exploring its themes to the fullest before considering it finished. Although every collection has a different story, they all have a unified underlying theme dealing with the self and identity, a thread connecting through these collections over the years. As an artist, I do not hold myself to a single technique or medium – instead, I like to learn new techniques based on what I think best suits the theme of a particular collection. I believe that trying new techniques, especially ones I am not an expert in, is a great source of creative inspiration. Rather than focusing on traditional painting or employing other techniques that I was trained in, I prefer to expand my palette and use new media and techniques often. Over the years, I have used performance, video, painting, interactive electronics, photography, laser cutting/engraving, textiles, bookmaking, ceramic, print, sculpture and even working with children in creating art as a way to tap into that most pure form of creative imagination. I began using sewing in my work in that naive way, like a child observing her mother and trying to imitate her. I began using stitches on different materials, like photo prints on water paper, different kinds of paper, canvas, and even human hair.
© Sara Madandar | Birth Control  8419
2018 Mixed Media | Birth Control
Acrylic, IUD, Maxi pads, birth control p, 51" X 36", 2017
USD $2,200
© Sara Madandar | Five 8420
2018 Painting | Five
Acrylic, spray and collage on canvas, 60" X 103", 2017
USD $5,000
© Sara Madandar | When I want to tear my heart then eat my brain  8421
2018 Mixed Media | When I Want To Tear My Heart Then Eat My Brain
Acrylic, various fabrics and stitchery on linen , 34"X 49", 2017
USD $2,000
© Sara Madandar | Golden turban  8422
2018 Sculpture | Golden Turban
Fabric with textile hardener , 13"X 14" X 4", 2012
USD $1,500
© Sara Madandar | The Religious Mask 8423
2018 Sculpture | The Religious Mask
Bronz, 10" X 6" X 5", 2014
USD $1,800
© Sara Madandar | Whisper  8424
2018 Painting | Whisper
Screen print, 35" X 48", 2013
USD $1,800
© Sara Madandar | In Between 8425
2018 Graphics | In Between
Acrylic on canvas , 55" X 80", 2014
USD $3,000
© Sara Madandar | Eli 8426
2018 Mixed Media | Eli
Water color on photo print , 40" X 26" , 2015
USD $2,000
© Sara Madandar | Mackenzie 8427
2018 Mixed Media | Mackenzie
Human hair and stitchery on photo print , 46" X 26", 2015
USD $2,000
© Sara Madandar | Kt 8428
2018 Mixed Media | Kt
Water color on photo print , 42"X 26", 2015
USD $2,000
© Sara Madandar | Christina  8429
2018 Mixed Media | Christina
Human hair, watercolor on photo print , 36" X 18" , 2015
USD $1,700
© Sara Madandar | Blue Roya  8430
2018 Mixed Media | Blue Roya
Human hair and stitchery on photo print , 24"X 16", 2015
USD $1,500
© Sara Madandar | Red carpet  8431
2018 Painting | Red Carpet
stitchery, acrylic and print on paper , 30" X 40" , 2016
USD $1,500
© Sara Madandar | Bird and Flower  8432
2018 Painting | Bird And Flower
acrylic and stitchery on silk and camouflage fabric , 62" X 40", 2016
USD $2,000
© Sara Madandar | Hidden carpet  8433
2018 Painting | Hidden Carpet
Acrylic and stitchery on transparent paper , 36"X 36", 2015
USD $1,800
© Sara Madandar | Golden carpet  8434
2018 Painting | Golden Carpet
Enamel paint, print and stitchery on paper , 36" X 36", 2015
USD $1,800
© Sara Madandar | Golden square  8435
2018 Painting | Golden Square
Enamel, stitchery and print on canvas , 16" X 16", 2015
USD $1,200
© Sara Madandar | Separation  8436
2018 Painting | Separation
Human hair and water color on paper , 12" X 18", 2015
USD $1,400