2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Sidhartha Pani

Art has been an essential part of my life for years, especially after a course at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. My initial paintings were strong brush strokes on canvas with oil, but it was texture that captivated my interest in creating fine art. I love painting landscapes but tired quickly of conventional shades and colors. A very realistic painting to me was like a photograph. I wanted a painting to look and feel like a painting. That is when I started using coats of paint with the palette knife, coupled with thick brush strokes. My paintings are mostly scenes from the New England area, and I try and capture the wonder of the four seasons, particularly the brilliance of the fall colors, the starkness of the winter months, and the warmth and joy of summer. I have also painted scenes from places to which my wife and I have traveled. These included scenes of Prague in the rain, windmills in La Mancha, the Seine at night in Paris, and the peaks of Meteora in Greece; scenes that I revisit on canvas with a palette knife and a loaded brush, capturing not only what I have seen but what is in my heart.
© Sidhartha Pani | Puerto Vallarta 3057
2013 Painting | Puerto Vallarta
Oil on Canvas, 24X30 inches, 2013
USD $1,500
© Sidhartha Pani | Windmills of La Mancha 3058
2013 Painting | Windmills Of La Mancha
Oil on Canvas, 24X30 inches, 2012
USD $1,000
© Sidhartha Pani | Prague in the Rain 3059
2013 Painting | Prague In The Rain
Oil on Canvas, 24X30 inches, 2012
USD $2,000