2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries


Los Angeles CA USA
Philosophical contemplation of the deepest personal feelings and emotions, fears and beliefs, mysticism of dreams and visions of Karina Ivanova have found their outlet through her art, photography, experimental films, writing and music. Her inward Karina mounts on stage performs a highly responsive, sensual, but at the same time sharp and grim spectacle. It asserts itself embracing such a wide range of options of expression. Theatre and film actress from the age of 13 and The Russian Academy of Theatre Arts graduate, globetrotter Karina Ivanova is consistently creating an expressive body of work in film, music, art, photography and writing.
© KARINA IVANOVA | Pain 3747
2013 Graphics | Pain
Ink on paper, 30x44, 2013
USD $10,000
© KARINA IVANOVA | Outputs of Identity 3748
2013 Photography | Outputs Of Identity
Photography, 16x20, 2012
USD $5,000
© KARINA IVANOVA | The Bars Behind 3750
2013 Photography | The Bars Behind
Photography, 16x20, 2012
USD $5,000
© KARINA IVANOVA | The Moon of Her 3752
2013 Photography | The Moon Of Her
Photography, 16x20, 2013
USD $5,000