2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Agy Agnieszka Sioud

New York NY USA
Art is never ending story of natural organic forms, including shape and movement of life. I want my work to evoke sensorial awakenings like color, smell, sound, touch and time to inspire creativity in places where perhaps it is absent. I see Art as a Tree of Life. Growing bigger, stronger, developing more and more branches of creative energy... My hope is that my work will fill my audience's hearts and minds with feelings of inspiration and empowerment. Working with three-dimensional form gives me the power to see the image not only as it stands, but from each side. The "canvas" brings as many views, angles and perspectives as we want to find. Some people call it sculpture- I call it a view with limitless.
© Agy Agnieszka  Sioud | Dreaming Zola 3597
2013 Sculpture | Dreaming Zola
Bonded Bronze, H21"/W10"/L12", 2010
USD $11,000
© Agy Agnieszka  Sioud | Moor 3602
2013 Sculpture | Moor
Hydracol, H3'/W3'/L1'20'', 2012
USD $4,000
© Agy Agnieszka  Sioud | Connection 3610
2013 Sculpture | Connection
hidracal, H28'/W8'/L8', 2011
USD $3,500