Artist Official Entries

Laura Fiesel

Brooklyn NY USA
I have always been inspired by the beauty of nature. Growing up in the woods and by the beach of Northern California had a profound affect on me. My work is connected to my deep connection and appreciation for nature, as well as my current concern for the state of the environment. I collect the material that is so prevalent and overabundant in my life, and in all our lives, such as cardboard and plastic bags and I recycle them in my paintings. I create textured landscapes upon the canvas and incorporate them with color and abstraction using oil paint. I think about the aspects of our planet affected by climate change and the material connection to these issues. These subjects inspired my paintings. I am intrigued by textures. I use the found materials for texture and then through a process of ripping, sanding, rubbing, adding, and repeating I reveal more depth and layers on the canvas. My work is my emotional response to the environment around me, as well as the emotional landscape inside of me.
© Laura Fiesel | Plastic Person 9381
2018 Painting | Plastic Person
plastic bags and oil paint on canvas, 24 x 24, 2018
USD $800
© Laura Fiesel | Glacier 9382
2018 Painting | Glacier
newspaper, and oil paint on canvas, 24 x 28, 2018
USD $750
© Laura Fiesel | Brooklyn  9383
2018 Painting | Brooklyn
recycled materials and oil on canvas , 24 x 28, 2018
USD $800
© Laura Fiesel | Submerged 9384
2018 Painting | Submerged
plastic bags and oil on canvas, 36 x 36, 2018
USD $1,000
© Laura Fiesel | Bay Billows 9385
2018 Painting | Bay Billows
paper and oil on canvas , 24 x 28, 2018
USD $750