2013 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Marcio Decker

My research consists of dimensional paintings where the viewer can submerge into the various layers existing within the frame and explore a personal journey identifying themselves, or not, to the icons represented. I intend to give an experience of intense colors, textures and overlapping compositions that represent the endless source of creation possible with motion and energy. Using acrylic medium allows me technically to layer the compositions and control the results, giving the viewer an impression of the creative freedom with which I paint. Each time I visit a canvas, my brush brings with it the latest culmination of my experiences. As I evolve, so do my paintings, and not just from one to the next, only showing the time in between growth, but rather my paintings reflect the span of time during my growth and experience. From its first layer to its last coat of varnish, my paintings each represent a phase of my life and offer an observation into what I was feelings during the days, months, sometimes years I’ve worked on individual pieces, adding layer after layer and utilizing the colors, symbols, and materials that shape me. The result is a time lapse of a period in my life, and my art becomes the aesthetic reflection of that memory.
© Marcio Decker | Invigorating Panorama 2753
2013 Mixed Media | Invigorating Panorama
Mixed Media, 41"x31", 2013
USD $5,500
© Marcio Decker | Lasting Element 2754
2013 Mixed Media | Lasting Element
Mixed Media, 25"x31", 2013
USD $4,500
© Marcio Decker | Pyrite Spark 3898
2013 Mixed Media | Pyrite Spark
Mixed Media, 41"x31", 2013
USD $5,500