2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

Qi Shan

New York NY USA
To Whom It May Concern, I am interest in exhibiting my paintings in International Art Festival, and would like to introduce myself and my works. I graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2010, and then I continued study Master of Architecture at University of Colorado Denver and Master in Advanced Architectural Design at GSAPP, Columbia University. I believe architectural knowledge can help to shape my art ideas. There are a lot of common aspects between art and architecture. When I was a child I traveled around and did drawings and paintings, held exhibitions both in China and the Netherlands. Then I wanted to know the way how art could be expressed practically and permanently so I studied architecture. I’m still doing drawings and paintings while I have been doing architectural design. Architecture uses volumes, materials, light and shadow to form public and private spaces. I also apply that knowledge to my paintings, by using colors, composition and rhythms I form hierarchized spaces on canvas through a three–dimensional thinking. The idea of art and architecture in contemporary context for me is about the thinking that the complexity should be generated from structure and program ignores the aspect of "decoration" in formal vocabularies. In order to achieve the authenticity aspect of artistic and architectural thinking it is important to questioning the signification symbols which controlled by the traditional aesthetics—a way of formal representation of an object. For example, a discussion of Duchamp's anti-aesthetic is about a question of original physical representation. Different than exclusive idea which focused on the relationship between life and art, and inclusive though such as Joseph Beuys extend this issue to social sculpture, which is the potential of works transform to social, cultural and political context.   Not only questioning the internal of an object, but also emphasizing the representation of external as a way to contesting political dimension. The rhetorical thinking of architectural sign "decoration" could achieve certain coexistence of rational thinking and sensibility, which made the read of an object becomes ambiguous and enriched. I applied my architecture spatial knowledge to my series oil paintings, which both related to my emotional feelings and spaces’ segment. By playing subjects’ spatial relationships through a multitude viewpoints with colors and composition, those spaces superimposed or interweaved each other, which also formed amorphous human figures surrounded by synthetic continuity of environment’s movement. Through my understanding of contemporary arts, there are various approaches to realize an artistic idea. I believe that my background of associating art and architecture will help me think differently in the artistic practice. I am excited about the chance of exhibiting my works in your gallery; I look forward to the opportunity if discussing an opportunity with you further. Thank you for your time and consideration, Sincerely yours, Qi Shan
© Qi  Shan | 971 Amsterdam Ave 4673
2014 Painting | 971 Amsterdam Ave
Oil on Canvas, 19 x 16, 2014
USD $8,000
© Qi  Shan | Let me understand this feeling  4674
2014 Painting | Let Me Understand This Feeling
Oil on Canvas, 12 x 12, 2014
USD $5,000
© Qi  Shan | That Night at Shangri-La 4675
2014 Painting | That Night At Shangri-La
Oil on Canvas, 19 x 16, 2011
USD $12,000
© Qi  Shan | Unforgettable 4676
2014 Painting | Unforgettable
Oil on Canvas, 15 x 12, 2011
USD $12,000