Artist Official Entries

Priscila Schott

Scarsdale NY USA
I am a Brazilian contemporary painter and artist. My love for painting and artwork is influenced by artist like Barnett Newman, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. I have developed an abstract way to use my imagination and make my paintings come to life. Working with canvas, glass and aluminum and using techniques such as color, textures, collage, mixed media, size, spaces, and shapes, I transform an abstract, oil or acrylic painting into something representational, creating an expression on the canvas. My paintings convey a feeling of tranquility and constant movement.
© Priscila Schott | Complex6 8332
2018 Painting | Complex6
acrylic on canvas, 30"x 40", 2018
USD $1,800
© Priscila Schott | Expression 6 8333
2018 Painting | Expression 6
oil, acrylic on canvas, 24"30, 2018
USD $1,500
© Priscila Schott | REDIII 8334
2018 Painting | Rediii
oil on canvas, 24"x 36", 2018
USD $2,000
© Priscila Schott | Horizon II 8338
2018 Painting | Horizon Ii
oil on canvas, 24"x 36", 2018
USD $1,800