2014 International Art Festival

Artist Official Entries

mark elfman

Springfield VA USA
I'm easily inspired by the most usual, routine, and altogether boring objects and scenes we see in everyday life. On the other hand, I enjoy giving viewers a new, dynamic, and refreshing way of seeing these objects and scenes. In both my sculpture and paintings, I'm obsessed with details. If the viewer can get lost in the details of one of my creations, even for a moment, I feel I've done my job. In my sculptures, I attempt to catch the viewer off-guard by placing everyday objects in an unbalanced, seemingly gravity-defying position. For me, this creates a sort of 'movement waiting to be unleashed.' I prefer linden wood for my sculpture, as this marvelous material allows the tiniest details to be carved precisely. I sometimes integrate steel and other metals to accent a wooden sculpture or for structural requirements. In my oil paintings, I am inspired by everyday scenes that have a certain something that fits my photorealist taste.
© mark elfman | Jif 'n Bag 4888
2014 Sculpture | Jif 'N Bag
Wood, 14x4", 2014
USD $1,400
© mark elfman | Blue Window 4889
2014 Sculpture | Blue Window
Wood, 12x14", 2014
USD $2,400
© mark elfman | Yellow Towel 4890
2014 Sculpture | Yellow Towel
Wood, 14x12", 2014
USD $2,000
© mark elfman | Bag 'n Bricks 4891
2014 Sculpture | Bag 'N Bricks
Wood, 12x9", 2014
USD $1,200
© mark elfman | Burger Night 4892
2014 Sculpture | Burger Night
Wood, 16x12", 2014
USD $2,800